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May 18, 2021

Jonathan Parks-Ramage is a Los Angeles-based novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. His debut novel, Yes, Daddy, is out today!

Yes, Daddy follows an ambitious young man named Jonah Keller, who is searching for a way to get out from under his religious upbringing. He is lured by an older, successful playwright into a dizzying world of wealth and idyllic Hamptons home where things take a nightmarish turn.  

Jonathan’s writing has been published in VICE, Slate, OUT, W, Atlas Obscura, Elle, and Medium. He has lectured on journalism and creative non-fiction at Fordham University. Also, he is an alumnus of the 2018 and 2019 Bread Loaf Writers' Conferences.

Jonathan and his screenwriting partner, Marla Mindelle, recently sold their musical feature film screenplay, The Big Gay Jamboree, to Paramount Pictures. The film is executive produced by Margot Robbie, an Academy Award nominated actress.

Topics Discussed:

  • Identity and Faith: Jonathan’s journey as a spiritually searching queer man
  • Parents: Both were preachers, accepted their son, but were afraid to tell anyone
  • Early Bloomer Being Bullied: Difficult to be yourself at church, home, and school
  • Spiritual Reawakening: Jonathan’s path toward being queer and a Christian
  • Truth in Fiction: Jonah experiences similar narrative of sexual, spiritual trauma
  • #MeToo/Perfect Victim: Everyone enters into relationships for different reasons
  • Storytelling: Who are you, explore parts of yourself, and make a difference

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