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Feb 19, 2019

Donald Scherschligt is a 24-year-old gay HIV+ activist, writer and graphic designer. In this episode we talk about his Christianity, HIV/AIDS, stigma, and what we can each do to help fight this disease.

After coming out at age 19, Donald led an underground LGBTQ community at the Christian college he attended. He is the creator of Campus Pride's Shame List, the nation's most comprehensive list of anti-LGBTQ religious colleges and universities. He's also one half of the team behind Queerly Beloved Tees, an apparel company for LGBTQ people of faith.

You can find Donald at, and on Twitter and Instagram, @donnysurelegit.

Everything you could ever want to know and more about HIV:

To find an HIV testing center in your local area:

To find PrEP providers:

If you live in a “healthcare desert” (a location where access to PrEP is unavailable due to legal or geographical limitations), learn about Nurx and get their app. They’re an amazing telemedicine start-up that is making access to this pill incredibly easy:

If you need help affording PrEP:

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