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Nov 28, 2017

Brit & Sami Barron believe that every coming out should be celebrated, so they started sending celebration packages to newly out people and YAY Packages were born. They live in California where Brit is a pastor and Sami is a creative director and together they work to celebrate love wherever they find it. In this episode we talk about navigating churches as a queer couple, Brit's Ted talk "What Beyonce Taught Me About Race", marriage, and of course, YAY packages.

You can support Yay Packages via Venmo - @bbarron (just specify it's for Yay Packages). To help contribute to a Yay Package, reach out to them at

Check out Brit's TED talk:

For more information, head over to or Brit's blog,

Also, check out my new YouTube series with That Christian Vlogger here!